Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ante Diem XIV Kalendas March

Modern Date : February 16th

Ante Diem XIV Kalendas March
Fourteenth Day to the Kalends of March

This is one of then endotercisus on which mornings could be for voting and afternoons not, or vice-versa.

The Lupercalia
The first half of the day, the morning, being dies fasti and belonging to the Lupercalia celebration, and the afternoon or evening being dies nefasti, and belonging to the Quirinalia. It is therefore a day sacred to both Mars, as Romulus, and Juno, the female counterpart of Jupiter. The celebration of both ancestors and fertility continued on this day.

An eclipse occurred this day in 538 AD, lasting from 6-9 AM, according the Bede.

February is also a month in which particular reverence was shown to the spirits of deceased ancestors. This was a month devoted to fertility, both of men and women, and of the land.

Tibetan New Year
Losar, the Tibetan New Year, is celebrated with shows, parades, and archery contests. Before Losar, the monks drive out the evil influences of the old year with a Devil Dance. Dressing in brilliant silk and huge, grotesque masks, they dance for hours until a sorcerer succeeds with a spell against the demons.