Friday, June 03, 2005

A Pagan Birthday


Not bad company to share my b-day with. Socrates is one of my favorite Greeks who questioned all forms of authority for years (sounds like me), too bad he was condemned as an atheist by his enemies, although no evidence was given and he denied it, was locked up and sentenced to death in 399 B.C.E. Accepting this outcome with remarkable grace, Socrates drank hemlock and died in the company of his friends and disciples.

As for Angelina Jolie... what can I say. Hummm. Angelina, Angelina! You are the most beautiful creature on the silver screen. Miss Jolie was crowned the most desired woman (or who would ya like to shag) by both male and female actors in Hollywood. A very dubious distinction!

June 4th, the day of my birth, 1967 made me a Gemini, Leo rising with a Taurus moon. Flighty, Flamboyant and Stubborn. What fun, what fun. It takes my Taurus, Sagittarius rising wife to hold me down. Not that I complain.

Anyway, so it's my birthday. Big deal, some people say. Hate birthdays? Hell no! It's gray and cloudy here in beautiful Vejle, Denmark, but being a Gemini, the sun in my heart will cast away the gloom.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Over the last year my beautiful wife bore me an equally beautiful son. I left my politically and religiously oppressive homeland and moved to the more socially conscientious and stable society of Denmark, and I'm happy and fifteen pounds lighter. Ain't life grand?

Being Pagan, I thought about what kind of ritual I should perform on this my day. So what's a good techno-pagan do? I Googled it, of course!

There's quite a bit of info out there, from creating a Life Journey Altar, doing an Autobiographical Sketch, casting a Life Guidance Divination with my Tarot cards, or many other interesting pursuits. All these can be found at the link below:

But I'm a bit more traditional, being raised an Xtian Episcopalian, i.e. church is over so where's the bar, I'm having my wife's sister and her guy over for pizza and drinks. Since I am a good Pagan however, I plan on using some good ol'fashioned Asatru Viking mojo in the form of 48% Aquavit. My prayers go out to Thor that he is merciful with his hammer tomorrow morning!