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Day one...The Pagan Left

Hummm...Interesting, I've found a place to vent that is free. Or is it? Hummm...only time will tell.

Just so I have some copy to put in this space... I'll toss a post my wife and I put up today on our YaHoo! group...The Occidental Tribe.


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*****I just have to post this because this article is on every right-wing site on the net. I guess they read the NY Times review and thought that Star War III was a threat to their social agenda. Know thine enemy.*****-A

Was Jesus Christ a Sith Lord?
By Steve Kellmeyer

Warning: massive plot spoilers. Do not read if you don't want to know the plot of Revenge of the Sith.

*****In other words, read this first if you watch the 700 club, and your kids are heading out the door to see it.*****

George Lucas has a wife and three children. If the Jedi mystique accurately portrays his vision of society, you wouldn't want to be one of them. Let me explain.

*****Please do, and I'll bet that George would love that, because hopefully since you believe the way you do, you won't reproduce. If you have, too bad for the rest of us.*****

Now that we have Lucas' complete vision, we can see the story centers not around Luke, but around Anakin. That, as they say, changes everything. If Lucas' first three efforts were about a young man learning to find himself, the last three are about marriage and family. It isn't pretty. Only two families are portrayed in the six-film series: Anakin and his single mother, and Anakin's own marriage to Padme (Luke's aunt and uncle are merely plot devices who carry less than fifteen minutes of combined film time).

*****Ok so he has painted a realistic vision of life.*****

The contrast is stark. Even though she is enslaved, Anakin's single mother is relatively happy. Her fatherless child, on the other hand, enters a marriage so dysfunctional that it leads to intergalactic war, the destruction of whole planets and the deaths of untold billions.

*****Ah...sorry that's not what it's about. Unlike the NeoCon rape of Iraq.*****

Did Lucas mean to show fatherless boys make bad husbands? Or did he mean to show how a skewed understanding of celibacy destroys lives? By the end of Revenge, it's hard to tell. The whole story has become rather muddled.

*****No, Lucas is using archetypes and has a very definite political message, that the far right, you included, are trying to spin.*****

***As I just discovered, Arius forgot to check the login. And while I'm at it, it just so happens that I'm married to one of those "fatherless boys", raised by a single mother, who just so happens to be...a magnificent husband and father. -T***

The Evil of the Jedi
We learn that the Sith are evil because they are selfish, while the Jedi are good because they are selfless - they always serve others. This selflessness is apparently meant to explain Jedi celibacy. Jedi are not supposed to be attached to anything, "Train yourself to let go of everything you are afraid to lose," Yoda counsels a despondent Anakin.

*****This movie has nothing to do with celibacy. It has everything to do with the rise of personal ambition and the overthrowing of a democratic state leading to empire.*****

If this is Jedi philosophy, the Sith are right to destroy them. Persons are defined by their relationships with other persons. For that reason, marriage and family are superlative goods. In fact, marriage and procreation are so good that celibacy can make sense only if it permits us to participate in an even greater personal relationship than father and husband, mother and wife.


The only personal relationship greater than these is a personal relationship with God Himself. The pursuit of celibacy apart from a personal relationship with God is the pursuit of self-annihilation. Argue if you would like, but remember that only two kinds of religious celibates exist: the Christian celibate, who seeks more perfect union with the three Persons of the Trinity, and the Eastern mystic, who seeks to annihilate his own ego to become one with Nirvana Nothingness.

*****the three Persons of the Trinity, isn't that kinda pagan? Excuse me but don't they preach that Jesus Christ is the only true god? Ok next..*****

***One of the main reasons celibacy entered into Xtianity in the first place was because it was one of the main ways a Xtian priesthood could differentiate itself from a Pagan priesthood, and because Xtianity rejected the body as inherently evil and the fleshas inherently weak, again... as opposed to many of the Pagan deities of the day. Eastern mystics, on the other hand, and Buddhist monks inparticular, reject marriage and embrace celibacy to free themselves of earthly, bodily desires, out of a wish to merge with the Divine...what this guy calls "annihilation" is really disolution,which is not at all the same thing. Ask any Buddhist.***-T

The Jedi are Eastern mystics. For them, God is neither Person norpersonal. Thus, when the Jedi require all their members to detach themselves from personal relationships, they require suicidal selflessness. This incoherence eventually destroys the movie's plot.

*****Errrrr. This guy is detached from reality. Drone alert!*****

***Suicidal? Really? Tell that to any Catholic monk or nun!***

The Dark Side: Marriage
Lucas' Jedi ethic, for instance, respects the individual as an enemy, but not as a spouse. Jedi may not kill unarmed prisoners, no matter how evil, no matter how universal the suffering they caused. But they may not marry. The good of the one is greater than the good of the many as long as that one is an enemy if it is a spouse, then abandon her.


Instead of seeing marriage as a life-long commitment to serve one's spouse, the Jedi see marriage as a selfish attachment, a self-indulgence. Marriage is not a commitment to serve someone else, it is a commitment to make someone else a tool towards personal happiness. Anakin essentially says this when he tells Padme, "I cannot live without you." He suffers from a failure of vision, he cannot conceive of a greater good for himself than Padme. He must have her. Marriage is how Anakin takes care of Anakin.

*****Jedi are like Buddhist monks, of course they are against marriage, that's the point. Also Catholic priests are against marriage of their clergy. Idiot!*****

***Marriage has never, ever in the course of human history been about "serving" someone else. That is a very recent, patriarchal-revisionist opinion. It has been, and still is, about conserving property, harnessing the sexual urge in an societally acceptable manner, and...of course, propagating the species.***

This explains Anakin's attitude towards Padme's pregnancy. Never does he inquire as to the health of the children, never does he question whether he will be a good father, nor whether he is on the path to such a goal. Padme is equally oblivious to her own condition. She cares only about his career, he worries only about her death. Rarely has the pregnancy of a protagonist, a pregnancy critical to plot development, been so universally ignored by every character in a story.

*****Ah, excuse me, it's Star Wars, not a LifeTime movie of the week, or an episode of "Oprah".*****

With the revelation of the pregnancy, we can see that Anakin began his walk down the Dark Side when he got married. He is angry at the Jedi Council because he broke their law against marriage. Their law has made his failures as a Jedi manifest. He is not able to think through the source of his discontent because the Jedi code virtually prohibits thought, "Follow your feelings," he is told again and again.

*****No...his progression to the dark side is because of his own personal ambition, the fear of losing his one true love and the influence of the power that the Emperor can give him, which is the power of life and death. It is the corruption that absolute power ultimately gives to anyone who attains it.*****

When he does, he finds he has broken their law on marriage. But how could he avoid it? A Jedi cannot say "I think we should do X," rather, he says "I feel we should do X." A Jedi never tells people things: that implies possession of knowledge. Rather, he shares with them, which is, perhaps, why none but the Sith seem to think much.

*****Ahhhhyayayayayeerrrrreeee. spit...toooweeee!*****

***With such a talent for inane doublespeak of dubious quality, nevermind content, this guy should have gone into politics. You never know..it may happen yet!***

Deadly Dogmatism (You said it. This is where it gets scary)
The animus against thought is the only constant theme. When Senator Palatine warns Anakin against the Jedi because they are too dogmatic and narrow-minded, when he says the Jedi need a larger view of the world, we know Anakin sees dogmatism as a bad thing. But when Anakin quotes Jesus to Obi-Wan, "You are either for me or against me" (Matthew 12:30) (Pres. Bush!), we find out from Obi-Wan that Jesus was a Sith Lord "Only the Sith deal in absolutes." The Sith are apparently evil because they are the dogmatists. Selfishness and dogmatism are equated.

*****The quotes may be Biblical, but the references are currently political, and that's why this article is on every right-wing website. Lucus knows the power that his films has and just like in the 70's with his first episode, he is making a statement.*****

***I wasn't aware that Anakin was quoting from the Bible. Does theGideon company operate even in a galaxy, far, far away? Now, THAT's scary!***

Indeed, dogmatism seems to be the only thing everyone wants to avoid. As a result, the entire story line falls apart as everyone becomes ahypocrite.

*****No by the writing of this article, the writer is proving that he is maybe not a hypocite, but certainly a propogandist.*****

Certainly the Jedi are hypocritical dogmatists. After all, we don't see the Jedi sitting down with the Sith Lords in order to work out their differences in common council by negotiating a middle ground. Instead, the Jedi insist democracy and republics are better than emperors and empires. They prohibit killing the unarmed. They prohibit marriage, enjoin celibacy, and insist you feel your way out of a situation instead of think your way out.

*****Ahh... am I missing something here... Everyone please reread this section. "Instead, the Jedi insist democracy and republics are better than emperors and empires. They prohibit killing the unarmed. They prohibit marriage, enjoin celibacy, and insist you feel your way out of a situation instead of think your way out." Errrr.... Is this a call for a United Christan Empire of America?*****

***Since when has the Xtian Right ever (excuse me while I wipe this smirk off my face) negotiated for a middle ground'? Oh, that's right...I forget...that's what they're doing in Iraq..right?***

Likewise, Padme is meant to represent the good, the mother-earth principle. As Anakin becomes a dark techno-geek in the most literal sense, Padme enters a white chamber to give glorious birth. Except the birth isn't glorious. As the two are showcased in their respective surgeries, we are supposed to see some sort of contrast between them, but ironically, we see they are both cut from the samecloth.


***That wouldn't happen to be the same cloth I saw on sale at Hancock's at 11$ a yard, now, would it? Reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly,now....And only a man would call a birth, ANY birth, "glorious". Been there, done that quite recently, in fact, and it was a sweating, bloody, screaming mess of utmost agony. Anakin's transformation was closer to the truth than Padme's death, I'm telling ya. As for the whole "mother-goddess" analogy....oh, puleeeeeeeeze...obviously, this man wouldn't know a mother Goddess until she kicked him in the balls, and hard!***

Anakin is quite willing to slaughter innocent children and his own friends in order to save someone he has decided he can't live without(although, as the rest of the series shows, he does manage to survive without her). Likewise, Padme is willing to orphan her children because her husband is an ass. Instead of living for love, she dies from petulance.

*****Oh... I'm not going to even bother...*****

***Do remember to tell that to all the billions of women world wide who have died in childbirth over the course of human history. 'You did it out of spite!' I'll tell that to my pelvis...'You almost killed me out of spite! How dare you!' Some people, man...some people who spout this kind of claptrap need a good Roman orgy, just to clear their heads on both ends..On the other hand, their brains might explode. Hmm...there's a thought...***

Nobody gives a hot damn about the children. Even the Jedi preserve their lives primarily as insurance against the Sith, so they have away to wrest back power when the children come of age. In this story,every person is a pawn to be used, in a completely objective and disinterested way, of course.

*****And in a prior paragraph the writer advocated empire. This guy is wacked!*****

The Sith are the only honest characters in the film, in the sense that they lie, but they know why they lie and they are consistent in their lies.

*****Yeah! Bring on the Sith! Bring on Empire! Let the mindfuck begin! Ya know, this is how it starts, with articles like this. As I said at the beginning of this post, this has been on all the main fundie websites. Sick bastards.*****

In short, the whole series is not the clear-cut clash of good against evil that attracted thousands in the 1970's. Instead, it is transformed into a sordid mess, a series of stupid people doing stupid things for stupid reasons.

*****No....It's a very successful series of films that are against your world view, you f'en drone.*****

***And it's a series that actually does something to promote individuality and independent thought, does not offer simplistic solutions to complex problems, and has contributed immensely to the field of cinematic achievement. Of course, that's beside the point...***

But, as Mark Twain says, everyone is good for something, even if it's only a bad example. If anyone wonders what life looks like to a pagan, watch the Star Wars series. Its incoherence, senseless violence and skewed perceptions of reality combine to demonstrate that without Christ at the center, life truly is but sound and fury, signifying nothing.

*****Goddess if these fanatics would only study their own religion...Oh, and Mark Twain was a pagan!*****

***This article's incoherence, senseless argumentation and skewed prespective combine to demonstrate that not only does this guy believe his own brand of BS, he practices it too!***

Steve Kellmeyer

About the Writer: Steve Kellmeyer is a nationally recognized author
and lecturer who integrates today's headlines with the Catholic Faith. His work is available through http://www.bridegroompress.com./He can be contacted at skellmeyer@bridegroompress.com.

*****I was about to say, contact this guy and tell him how much of an ass he is, but...it won't do any good.*****

You can find this story at:http://mensnewsdaily.com/blog/2005/05/was-jesus-christ-sith-lord.htm and other fine sites of the same caliber.*****