Thursday, June 02, 2005

An interesting week

So it has been an interesting week in amerika.

We have seen a pagan couple told that they cannot teach their son, their religion, because it might "confuse" him.

***Pagans incensed by court ruling on Wicca
"An Indianapolis father is appealing a Marion County judge's unusual order that prohibits him and his ex-wife from exposing their child to "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals."***

We see that our duly "elected" representitives are once again consolidating their power.

***Patriot Act must be reined in.
The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee is considering a draft bill that would reauthorize some of the most controversial provisions of the U.S. Patriot Act. The bill is called the Patriot Reauthorization Act.

"In addition to reauthorizing these provisions, the bill, if enacted into law, would expand the government's power to secretly --- and without getting a court's approval -- demand people's private records, even though the people aren't suspected of terrorist acts."***

and the one bright point...

***Prisoners' Religious Rights Law Upheld

"The Supreme Court upheld a federal religious freedom law for prisoners and mental patients yesterday, ruling that Congress has the power to require that state institutions accommodate the reasonable religious needs of those under their control."***

Just another week in post 9/11 amerika. Don't ya just love it!

For those who don't know me and have looked to the right of this blog, seeing that I live in Denmark, you may ask, "Who the frak is this guy!". Well I'm an American, who luckly got out of the Xtian evangelical hell that is consuming the middle part of the North American continent. But I still care, I still vote, and I still have a voice... and I plan on using it. (Now that I once again feel safe to express it.)

In the weeks, months..etc.. I will be running this little bit of verbal freedom in an attempt to counter-brainwash the mob of America, (notice... capital A and correct spelling, as apposed to lower case "a" with a "k" as in... amerika, denoting a fascist form of one from the other.)

Hopefully, we are on the same page here. If you hate me, love me, or don't give a damn but want to contact me you can do it here...

Ok...back to the basics.

For those of you who did not vote for Dubja Shrub, are not a mind drone of the Xtian wrong, and have half a brain left, that hasn't been melted away by reality TV, then I'm glad to have you reading my rant. For those of you in the above catagory... take heart! There is hope! Educate yourself and remove the blinders. Your just a couple of votes away from the true government envisioned by Jefferson. If you are clueless by this statement then start reading and turn off your TV.

Well that's enough for now. If I continue my 5 old month son won't know his father and my soulmate will disavow my existance.