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Nonas August

Modern Date : August 5th

Nonas August
The Nones of August

This is one of the dies fasti on which legal actions are permitted.

The rex sacrorum would appear on the steps of the Capitol on this day and announce to the people what days of the months would be holidays.

This day was dedicated to Salus, the abstract deification of Health and Wealth. From the name salus comes our word salubrious, meaning good health. A temple to Salus was consecrated on the Quirinal.

Cicero, returning from exile in 59 BCE, arrived in Brundisium this day and met his daughter Tullia, whose birthday it was. It was also the commemoration of the Temple of Brundisium and the people celebrated both this and Cicero's happy return.

August was originally called Sextilis, or the sixth month (after March). It was renamed in honor of Augustus Caesar, the most revered of the Roman emperors.

Hazel Month begins
This is the 1st day of the 9th month in the 13 month Druidic calendar. The sequent letter for the month is C (or CC or Q) which is symbolic of the tree Nut, Apple, Sorb, or Quince. This fire month favors the activities of shapeshifters and of adepts who journey by means of astral projection. It has long been customary at this time to make new wands of hazel, especially for protection from storms.

Oyster Day
Londoners believe that if you eat an oyster today you will not want for money all year. This sentiment is expressed in the following rhyme from Hone's Every-Day Book, published in 1829, which describes the mad dash to Billingsgate where the fish market was located:

Greengrocers rise at dawn of sun
August the fifth — come haste away
To Billingsgate the thousands run
To Oyster Day! To Oyster Day!

Actually in England, the legal close season for oysters was 15 June to 4 August so this was actually the day after oyster season closed. But the common saying is that one should never eat oysters in months without an R, which would include August, as well as June and July.

Brigg Fair
The date of a famous horse fair held in Lincolnshire, mentioned in the lovely folk song: Horse-racing was a common activity at Lammas, particularly in Ireland.

It was on the 5th of August
The weather fair and fine
Unto Brigg FairI did repair
For love I was inclined.

Mary of the Snows
According to the legend, in the fourth century, the Virgin Mary appeared in a dream on the same night to both Pope Liberius and a wealthy Roman couple who wished to leave their fortune to the church. She asked them to build a cathedral on the spot where it snowed in Rome on August 5th. It snowed that day on Esquiline Hill and the church of Santa Maria Maggiore was built on the spot.

Our Lady of the Snows became a favorite title of Mary in Italy and spread north to Germany and Switzerland., for instance there is a chapel of St Mary of the Snows on the Rigi, a mountain pilgrimage site in central Switzerland.


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