Friday, July 29, 2005

Ante Diem III Kalendas August

Modern Date : July 30th

Ante Diem III Kalendas August
Third Day to the Kalends of August

This is one of the dies comitiales when committees of citizens could vote on political or criminal matters.

July was named in honor of Julius Caesar, and was formerly called Quinctilis, or the fifth month (after March).

Madam Blavatsky
Helena Petrovna Hahn, later called Madam Blavatsky, was born at the midnight hour between the 30th and 31st of July (in the Russian Calendar, August 12) in 1831, at Ekaterinoslav. She was the mystic and medium who wrote Isis Unveiled.

The Alpha-Capricornids peak at this time. Having begun on the third, it will end on August twenty-fifth. It is best observed from the southern hemisphere, but can be seen in some northern areas. It is a particularly bright shower with some fireball class meteors.

St Abdon
A Persian nobleman who suffered martyrdom with his companion, St. Sennen. Abdon, also called Abdo or Abdus in some lists, is recorded in the Acta of the saints dating to the ninth century, but he and St. Sennen were venerated as early as the third century. The martyrs were exposed to persecutions in the reign of Emperor Diocletian and were carried in chains to Rome. There, they were put in an arena with wild animals but remained unharmed as the animals refused to slay them. Gladiators were sent in to kill them as a last resort. Abdon's body and that of his companion were buried in the Pontian cemetery near the gates of Rome; however, the cities of Florence and Soissons also claim to possess their remains. St Abdon is the patron of hygiene. In the Vosges Mountains of Europe, the ashes of ferns cut and burned on
this feast keep away insects and unwanted guests.

Thunder God
On the 24th day of the 6th lunar month, the Chinese celebrate the Thunder-god (Leigong) or God of War by setting off fireworks. This is also the Birthday of the Lotus.


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