Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ante Diem XIV Kalendas Februarias

Modern Date : January 19th

Ante Diem XIV Kalendas Februarias
Fourteenth Day to the Kalends of February

This is one of the dies comitiales when committees of citizens could vote on political or criminal matters.

Flavius Theodosius was summoned from his retirement in Spain and became emperor this day in 379 AD.

In Greece, this day continued the Theogamia of Hera.

This month is sacred to Janus, the god of Beginnings. The Romans had numerous temples to Janus. Whenever war was declared, the chief magistrate would lead a ceremony in which the doors of the main temple of Janus were opened. In time of peace they were normally shut.

Sun enters Aquarius
Sun enters Aquarius. This is a major annual transition point at which the year enters the Great Cold, and, before the Sun leaves Aquarius in February, begins the lengthening of the light and the transition to Spring. The importance of this annual passage point has been evident since ancient times in many cultures, for example the Chinese, who celebrate the lunar New Year at the first New Moon while the Sun is in what the West calls Aquarius. The Sun's entry into Aquarius gains increasing power now as Earth's people enter the Aquarian Age, which favors wide networks and lateral teams of friendship over Piscean hierarchies, emphasizing the identity of Aquarius as the ruler of the 11th House of Friendship.

In some Native American calendars, the Month of the Otter begins on this day.

Thorrablottar, Husband's Day, is sacred to the Norse God Thor. Men ceremoniously welcome him into their homes. Rising before anyone else, the head of a household is instructed to go outside clad only in his shirt and underwear and hop all the way around his home on one foot. Then he bids Thor welcome to his home. Wives are supposed to treat their mates especially well.


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