Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ante Diem VIII Idus September

Modern Date : September 6th

Ante Diem VIII Idus September
The Ludi Romani

This is one of the dies fasti (F), on which legal actions are permitted.

The Ludi Romani, the great games in honor of Jupiter (Jove) continued this day and were celebrated through to the 19th. The Ludi Romani were Roman public games honoring Jupiter Optimus Maximus that were originally celebrated for a triumph. Originally they were limited to one day, September 13, but by the time of Caesar they were celebrated for 15 days. The curule aediles were in charge of the Ludi Romani. A procession from the Capitol to the Circus Maximus was followed by a sacrifice and then both theatrical productions and chariot races.

On this day in 394 AD, Theodosius, the emperor of the Eastern Roman empire, defeated the usurper Eugenius at the battle of the river Frigidus.

September is the 'magical' seventh month (after March).

Situa was an ancient Inca festival which warded off deadly illnesses at the start of the rainy season. After a day of fasting, small amounts of their children's blood was drawn and mixed with cornmeal. The paste was rubbed onto bodies and thresholds to repel disease spirits. At the end of the celebration, the emperor would send runners in the four directions to drive off sprits.


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